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We accept external referrals from Nurses, GPs, and the wider multi-disciplinary team. Please get in touch via our contact page to request a referral form or if you would like any further information. Upon finishing the programme we will update you on a participant’s completion (with their consent) so that you can update their medical records.

Our Philosophy and What We Do 

We provide holistic evidence-based digital online structured behaviour change education, coaching, support and a comprehensive collection of resources and recipes, alongside a community that promotes and assists self-management of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. 

Our focus is on supporting patients to reverse the root causes of these conditions through sustainable lifestyle and behaviour change, underpinned by a low carbohydrate diet (LCD). 


With a doctor-led team that works alongside Dietitians and Health Coaches, we can help patients to achieve the best outcomes possible, including: 

  • Reduced blood glucose levels through a lifestyle-approach 
  • Weight loss  
  • Reduced need for medications 
  • Reduced direct and indirect complications
  • Reduced costs to patients and healthcare providers
  • Remission of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes 

Our lifestyle programmes implement a robust evidence-base for improved metabolic health, blood glucose and weight management. 

Our Approach 

We guide individuals to develop a low carbohydrate way of eating; and from this, a multi-faceted lifestyle approach is explained, coached, and supported to enhance and help them sustain positive progress. 

We also include the concept of intermittent fasting and increased movement and exercise levels.