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Diabetes Diaries: Our Futures

Diabetes is a condition one in sixteen of us suffer from. It is a part of life for many of us, and not only impacts our own lives but those of our friends and families around us.


According to analysis conducted by Diabetes UK, without significant action from the UK government, up to 5.5 million people could be living with diabetes by as early as 2030. Not only this, but one in THREE (up to 17 million) of us could be at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes by the same time. Gulp.


Here at NUVI, we understand first-hand that upon an initial diagnosis the blame often gets put on the individual, whether that be down to poor diet, lack of exercise or a number of other lifestyle factors.


But the problem is not us as individuals. We don’t set out to get type 2 diabetes. What is needed is better awareness, and better health education…. Earlier. We’re pretty sure that many of us would prefer to learn about a true healthy active lifestyle than the likes of Sin Cos Tan in school, right?


So – what can we do?


There are actionable and empowering changes that we can make to our lifestyles. These can not only reverse the processes that lead to type 2 diabetes, but also help with our overall physical and mental health too.


With these steps, together with more proactive detection, testing, and a more holistic approach when treating diabetes, we feel that we can prevent this epidemic from developing further.


Diabetes UK Chief Executive, Chris Askew recently said: “Every diagnosis of diabetes is life-changing. The relentlessness of the condition, and the ever-present fear of serious and life-altering complications is a lifelong reality for millions of families across the UK.” And we couldn’t agree with him more.


And that is ultimately why we are here. With our  evidence-based, doctor-led programmes, we hope to create a supportive group of individuals who lean on and learn from each other, to gain strength, motivation and an overall positive experience of managing their diabetes.


The issue of diabetes is undoubtedly complex, and as a society we need to do more.


Join our mission and let us be a part of your diabetes journey here.

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