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Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) – What Is It?

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a device you wear on your skin that measures blood sugar levels. It works using a tiny sensor (microneedle) that sits just beneath the skin and takes readings from interstitial fluid. This is the substance that surrounds cells and tissues, acting as a bridge between blood and cells, and contains various biomarkers that can be used to assess health. Unlike other forms of blood sugar testing a CGM is worn constantly and therefore provides continuous readings of your levels throughout the day and night. You are able to view the readings of the CGM via a device, usually a smartphone. 

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5 mins read Written by Dr Amanda Porch


High Blood Sugar: Everything You Need To Know! 

With worldwide figures of obesity and obesity-related disease reaching record highs, it’s never been more important to understand blood sugar and how it relates to health and disease. Chronic high blood sugar is the defining feature of type 2 diabetes, and a known cause of other chronic conditions including heart disease and some forms of cancer. Whilst there are some unavoidable risk factors for such conditions, there are also a number of factors which can be managed, such as diet and lifestyle.

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8 mins read Written by Dr Amanda Porch


Weight Loss Coach

A weight loss coach provides expert support and accountability to people as they make their way through the highs and lows of a weight loss journey.

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6 mins read Written by Dr Amanda Porch

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